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Korean skincare routine

Learn the skin care routine and how you can take advantage of it in just 3 steps
Guide to Korean sunscreens

Guide to Korean sunscreens

Answers to questions such as what is the difference between SPF and PA markings on sunscreens.
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K-beauty trends 2024

The year's trendiest makeup looks, skin care ingredients, products and brands.


Centella: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Apart from ginseng, Centella, i.e. Centella Asiatica extract, is another of the most famous ingredients in Hanbang cosmetics. Read more about its use and properties in skin care.
Riisi: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
The use of rice in skin care dates back thousands of years and has maintained its popularity over time as part of traditional Hanbang skin care due to the many benefits it offers to the skin.
Ginseng: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Ginseng has become one of the most important ingredients in traditional Korean Hanbang skin care. Read why this thousands-year-old root is an excellent anti-aging ingredient and a great addition to your skin care routine.
Mandariini: Hanbang-ainesosa ihonhoidossa
Discover the unique benefits of tangerine in Hanbang skin care. Read more about the useful properties of mandarin and how you can use its potential in your own skin care routine.
K-Beautyn salaisuudet: Miksi korealainen kosmetiikka on niin suosittua maailmanlaajuisesti?
Korean cosmetics have become a global phenomenon thanks to their innovative products and effective ingredients and formulations. But why?
Vaurioitunut ihon suojakerros eli skin barrier - syyt, oireet ja hoito
Everything you need to know about the skin barrier: Damage, symptoms and treatment The role...
Fermentoitu ihonhoito
You are certainly more familiar with fermentation as part of the food preparation and preservation process, but did you know that fermentation also has excellent benefits as part of skin care?
Hyaluronihappo ja muut kosteuttavat aktiiviaineet
In the article, we summarize what hyaluronic acid is and what its benefits are in skin care. Does hyaluronic acid have side effects and can it be used during pregnancy?
C-vitamiini ihonhoidossa
Vitamin C is one of the star ingredients in skin care, and if your goal is to add just one active ingredient to your skin care routine, for example in the form of a serum, vitamin C is a strong recommendation for that. It has several benefits for the overall well-being of the skin, we present them more comprehensively in this article. 
Retinoli ihonhoidossa
Retinol is the superstar of anti-age products,one of the most unbeatable active ingredients in the treatment and prevention of signs of aging. In addition, it is enormously useful, for example, in the treatment of acne-prone skin.
Etanamusiini ihonhoidossa
What is snail mucin? Our series of articles on skin care active ingredients, their benefits and combinations briefly and succinctly opens up the functionalities of the most used ingredients in Korean skin care.
Hanbang kosmetiikka artikkeli
Hanbang refers to traditional Korean medicine with roots dating back thousands of years in South Korea. Hanbang cosmetic products use natural and traditional ingredients, such as plant extracts, herbs and roots, which are known for their beneficial and even healing properties in skin care.