Centella: The Hanbang ingredient in skin care

Hanbang skin care is a traditional Korean beauty care method that uses natural plants and herbs in skin care products. Apart from ginseng, Centella, i.e. Centella Asiatica extract, is one of the most famous ingredients in Hanbang cosmetics. Centella Asiatica extract is obtained from the Centella Asiatica plant, which is a herbaceous plant native to tropical Asia that has long been used as a medicinal plant throughout Asia.

In many cultures, South Korea included, Centella Asiatica is also known as Tiger grass or Tiger herb. This name stems from the belief that wounded tigers would seek out wild centella to treat their injuries. Legend has it that tigers rub themselves on the leaves of the plant to heal.

Centella can have many different names depending on which part of the plant has been used, or what kind of extracts and oils have been made from it. Here are a few examples: Centella Asiatica Extract (commonly refers to the extract of the Centella Asiatica plant), Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract (the extract comes from the leaves of the plant), and Centella Asiatica Root Extract (the extract comes from the roots of the plant).



The benefits of centella in skin care

Skin-soothing effect: The absolute strength of centella in skin care is its soothing properties. The antioxidants it contains soothe irritated skin, and it has a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Centella also helps reduce skin redness.

Anti-aging effect: Centella promotes the formation of new cells and regenerates the skin. In addition, it supports the production of collagen in the skin and contributes to the maintenance of elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Centella also brightens and evens out the skin tone, helps the skin retain moisture and fades scars.


Products containing centella

The SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella series is a perennial favorite of our customers and the Yeppo team, and for good reason. We recommend testing the soothing and moisturizing SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule, which is made from 100% centella extract.

You can also find centella in a lot of Korean skin care products, because it works perfectly together with countless other ingredients.

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