Yeppo x ReceiptHero: Yeppo brick-and-mortar store loyalty

Today, all your purchases and coupons in brick-and-mortar stores can be found in one place!

We cooperate with a Finnish innovation company, which ReceiveHero- application you can get all your Yeppo receipts directly to your phone, so you can check which product you bought and when, as well as collect different stamps and use them to get amazing discounts and offers! 

With ReceiptHero, we aim to protect your privacy, because you no longer have to tell your name or email address in the store, and your transactions will be much faster and smoother. Your payment card and our smart cashier program take care of the job so that all information is transferred directly from us to your customer account in an instant and you don't need a separate paper receipt, so together we can save paper and nature!

With the new program, your online shopping points are accumulated in a different account. However, we have added a huge number of new products and benefits to the points store so that points could be used as often as possible; for example, you can exchange points for coupons worth € or whole products (discount code). 

Download ReceiptHero for iPhone here

Download ReceiptHero for Android here

Instructions for setting up ReceiptHero

ReceiptHero x Yeppo


The challenges

After you have activated ReceiptHero and followed the Yeppo&Soonsoo store in the application, you will find your valid discount coupons and those valid at any given time challenges.

The challenge means different ways to collect stamps in Yeppo's stores. For example, after collecting 10 stamps with your purchases in the Stamp Card challenge, you will receive a 30% discount code to use in the Yeppo store.

Each challenge has an explanation of how to collect stamps from each challenge. For example, in the stamp card challenge, you get a stamp every time you shop in the store for at least 30 euros. That is, a €30 purchase = 1 stamp. A €60 purchase or two separate €30 purchases = 2 stamps, and so on. Purchases must be made with a payment card saved in ReceiptHero so that they are saved in your loyalty account.