K-beauty trends 2024

The core idea of ​​Korean cosmetics remains, but trends in skin care and especially makeup change regularly. In 2023, the biggest K-beauty trends were, for example, softly contoured lips, emphasizing the lower eyelid and hybrid retinol products. But what does the new year bring? 🔮


The trendiest K-beauty brands in 2024

First generation brands

Brands like Tonymoly, Skinfood and Etude are known by almost everyone who has ever come across with Korean cosmetics. The nostalgia these OG brands resemble is once again on a new level, which can be seen for example with the insane success of [Skinfood] Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pad.

So turn your focus again to these old familiar brands. Y2K is a huge trend in South Korea and brands that exude on this concept will be at the forefront of the trend list in 2024.

Unisex brands

The new generation is redefining beauty as we know it; everyone is beautiful and everyone has the right to express themselves with make-up. This gives a foothold to brands whose products are aimed at everyone regardless of gender. Laka excellently represents unisex brands with its products.[Laka] Fruity Glam Tint

K-beauty makeup trends 2024

Aegyo-sal eye makeup

In Korean, the term aegyo-sal refers to the small, chubby part of the lower lid. Highlighting this area creates a youthful, eye-widening and brightening effect that Koreans love, and the trend shows no signs of fading. As a change from the previous aegyo-sal make-up, more matte and satin results are now preferred, instead of the earlier shiny and glowing ones.

"Cherry lips" - softly contoured lips

Last year's lip makeup trend is only getting stronger, and the popularity of lip liners also in Korean cosmetics continues to grow. As a difference to strongly lined lips, which have been a trend in Western countries for a few years, the Korean so-called cherry lips trend favors softer lines to create fullness on the lips.


K-pop lashes

Recently, K-pop idols such as Won Young, Sullyoon and Rosé have favored very long and separated lashes, also on the lower lashes. Achieving this doll-like look takes a bit of practice, but for example Bbia Never Die Mascara is an excellent help for creating a look.

Hybrid products

Products that combine skin care and makeup continue to be popular. Treating lip products, which go on their own or as part of makeup, are a good example together with the obvious BB and CC creams.


[Peripera] Ink Airy Velvet Tint


K-beauty skincare mega trend 2024

The year's biggest megatrend in skin care is predicted to be efficacy. Better and more visible results are expected from skin care. People also want to enhance and prolong the results of cosmetic treatments at home, and the same type of results are sought without aesthetic treatments with the help of skin care products.


K-beauty skin care trends 2024

SPF patches that have been popular with golfers in South Korea for some time,also started to appear on social media in 2023, and it can be expected that they will garner more attention worldwide during 2024. 

SPF patches are a good addition to sunscreen, to protect areas that burn easily when you spend time in the sun for a longer period at once. They are not intended to replace sunscreen completely, but to provide additional protection for e.g. cheekbones or shoulders.


The trendiest skin care ingredients

A hype for these ingredients is expected during 2024, so we already listed a few of Yeppo's recommendations for each below!

  • Researched and effective star ingredients such as retinol and hyaluronic acid will certainly continue to trend, but interest in so-called delivery system ingredients can be expected to grow - these are ingredients that enhance the activity of the active ingredient and help it, for example, to be absorbed into the skin better. In this way more effective products can be created with fewer ingredients, for example.
  • Mugwort effectively soothes the skin
  • Heartleaf is known for its skin and inflammation soothing and antibacterial properties.
  • Red ginseng boosts skin renewal and nourishes skin, making it brighter and firmer.
  • Yuja is a small citrus fruit that has been used in Korean and Chinese skin care for centuries. Its high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties are excellent for brightening and protecting the skin.
  • Tea tree is known for its skin-cleansing and oil-reducing properties.
  • Centella e.g. soothes irritated skin, relieves inflammation and helps reduce redness.


The trendiest products

Grab these products now, which are predicted to be the hits of 2024.


[Rom&nd] Juicy Lasting Tint
Credits Cosmetics Design Asia, Chem Linked, Daily Vanity

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