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Frequently asked questions FAQ

1. Is it safe to shop online?

- Yes, it is. We will not share your information with third parties and will only use

Secure payment methods and platforms that make sure all your information is secure.

2. Is Yeppo a Finnish online store?

- Yeppo and Soonsoo is a completely Finnish online store (except for the products themselves, of course). Our warehouses and offices are located in Helsinki and Espoo.

3. How do I get to the Yeppo stone shop?

- Our stone foot shop is located on the second floor of the Mall of Triplan (Pasila). You can get there by train, bus or tram.

4. Are all products sold at Yeppo and Soonsoo genuine?

- Yes. The quality of the products is really important to us. We purchase our products directly from brands (eg Laneige, Bbia & Eglips) or from Finnish credit importers. We make sure that the supply chain is as transparent and short as possible, so we can make sure you always get safe and fresh products.

5. How do I buy products cheaply from Yeppo?

- There are a lot of events and discounts on sale in our store, so keep an eye out for them. In addition, when you join our site, you will receive a -10% discount code, which is valid for normal priced products.

6. How do I track my order?

- The best way to keep track of your order is through My Mail.

7. Why does the tracking show that the shipment was delivered even though I haven't fetched the package?

- We ship some orders in the form of letter-sized items, which will be delivered through the post office or doorway. Please also check your inbox, if any. If you still can't find your shipment, please email us at DM Instagram or we'll check the status of your order from Posti.

8. I forgot to pick up my order from Posti and now it has been sent back to Yeppo. What am I doing?

- No worries! We will send your order back to you as soon as this is received by us. However, we will charge EUR 4.99 for this, as we will pay the Post for the new item.

9. I chose Pick Up as the delivery method. When will my order be ready?

- Your order may take 5 minutes to complete. It usually takes up to 2 days depending on the availability of the products. Please email us or insta dm if you are in a hurry with your order.

10. I have chosen Pick Up. How long will my order be kept at Yeppo?

- My order will be held for 14 days from the time we send you an email when your order is complete.

11. My order was missing / incorrect. What am I doing?

- We're so sorry we had a mocha. There will be a short circuit between everyone. Please send us a dm or e-mail with your order number and a description of the order / what was missing and we will correct the situation as soon as possible.

12. I can't pick up my Pick Up order myself, can someone pick it up for me?

- We'll deliver your order against an order confirmation, so you can place an order confirmation with a family member or friend and we'll return the order to them.

13. What is the delivery time for the Yeppo online store?

- We'll pack up your order until 3pm, so if you place your order before 3pm, you'll probably have time to leave with Post within the same day. Delivery time is 1-4 working days in Southern Finland and 3-7 working days in Northern Finland. Discount sales may take a little longer.

14. I have placed an order, but my order has still not arrived at the Post Office. Is there something wrong?

- If your order does not have pre-ordered products but it is still delayed, please contact our customer service and we will fix it as soon as possible.

15. I have placed an order, some of which is pre-ordered.When will my order be shipped?

- Your order will be shipped when all the products in your order have arrived in our warehouse

16. I want an order with pre-ordered products shipped separately i.e. I want to get the other products first. Can this be done?

- You can pay for separate shipping, and we'll ship the first part of your order first. Contact our customer service, where you will be better advised with your particular case.

17. What can I return?

- You can only return unopened (both the product and the product packaging must be unopened) and completely unused products in their original packaging.

18. How do I return my order?

- To return your order, please contact our customer service. We will put you a code with which you can return your shipment. If you have picked up your order from the Yeppo stone foot shop, a return must be made to Yeppo Tripla.

19. When will I receive my refund?

- You will receive your refund 14 days after we receive your refund. Please note that we will deduct a delivery charge of € 4.99 for a standard return (not a defective product).