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Korean skincare routine

Learn the skin care routine and how you can take advantage of it in just 3 steps
Guide to Korean sunscreens

Guide to Korean sunscreens

Answers to questions such as what is the difference between SPF and PA markings on sunscreens.
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K-beauty trends 2024

The year's trendiest makeup looks, skin care ingredients, products and brands.


Eri ihotyyppien ja -ongelmien hoito korealaisella kosmetiikalla
How do I know what skin type I have and how does it affect the choice of skin care products? In this article, we aim to provide simple and easy-to-understand instructions for treating each skin type, as well as product recommendations, of course.
Korealaisen ja japanilaisen ihonhoidon erot
You might think that all Asian skin care routines and cosmetics would be very similar, but in reality they differ from each other very significantly. You probably already know the Korean glass skin and the pursuit of it, but do you know what the Japanese mochi skin is like?
Korealaisen ja länsimaisen kosmetiikan erot
What is the difference between Korean cosmetics and Western cosmetics? Why should you start Korean cosmetics? You can find answers to these most common questions about k-beauty in this article.
C-vitamiini ihonhoidossa
Vitamin C is one of the star ingredients in skin care, and if your goal is to add just one active ingredient to your skin care routine, for example in the form of a serum, vitamin C is a strong recommendation for that. It has several benefits for the overall well-being of the skin, we present them more comprehensively in this article. 
Retinoli ihonhoidossa
Retinol is the superstar of anti-age products,one of the most unbeatable active ingredients in the treatment and prevention of signs of aging. In addition, it is enormously useful, for example, in the treatment of acne-prone skin.
Etanamusiini ihonhoidossa
What is snail mucin? Our series of articles on skin care active ingredients, their benefits and combinations briefly and succinctly opens up the functionalities of the most used ingredients in Korean skin care.
K-beauty meikki
What are the best products for creating a natural glowing K-beauty makeup? How to create a smooth, smooth and beautiful, but still natural makeup base?
Korealainen ihonhoito ja 10-vaiheinen ihonhoitorutiini: Opas hehkuvaan ihoon
Korean 10-step skincare routine, what does it actually mean? And what is the 7-skin method? Read more in our article where we unpack the most famous terms of Korean skin care.
Hanbang kosmetiikka artikkeli
Hanbang refers to traditional Korean medicine with roots dating back thousands of years in South Korea. Hanbang cosmetic products use natural and traditional ingredients, such as plant extracts, herbs and roots, which are known for their beneficial and even healing properties in skin care.