Pimple patches: what are they and how do they work?

When the dreaded red spot appears on your face, I hope you already know that there is no reason to squeeze them. Even if the pimple is ripe, so to speak, and no matter how carefully you have washed your hands, there is always a risk that bacteria can get under the skin and cause serious infections. In addition to that, squeezing pimples can easily leave behind scars, so the evidence of the pimple remains on the skin for much longer than you would like.

Treatment of pimples

Pimple specific treatment creams are surely already familiar to many, especially those who suffer from pimples often. Spot treatment products, such as [Cosrx] AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream, accelerate the healing process of pimples, and helps the skin to recover from the stress caused by inflammation and skin irritation.

Spot treatment creams are indeed an excellent aid for treating pimples, but Korean cosmetics especially love pimple patches.

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What are pimple patches?

Like wounds covered with ordinary plasters, pimples are also skin infections that benefit from a clean environment. Pimple patches are small bandages designed to be placed directly on pimples.

Patches are usually made of a material called hydrocolloid, which helps to remove impurities from the pimple without scarring, and protects it from external stimuli and bacteria. The patch also conveniently keeps the fingers away from the pimple so that it can heal in peace.

How does the pimple patch work?

The effectiveness of pimple patches is based on the fact that the plasters collect moisture underneath. A warm, moist and clean environment is conducive to healing pimples and preventing the formation of scars.

So the patches help create a protected environment for the pimple, and the ingredients they contain help the skin to heal faster and without additional stimuli. The patches act as a barrier against bacteria and dirt, which can help prevent new infections and scarring.

Hydrocolloid patches have been used since the 1980s to heal wounds, and they spread to a wider use from Korean beauty clinics in the late 2000s.

Pimple patches are rarely suitable for the treatment of severe acne, so we do not primarily recommend them for the treatment of cystic acne.

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Is a pimple patch better than a spot treatment cream?

A pimple patch is unnoticeable and blends into the skin tone like a blister patch. You can also put make-up on top of it, which is sometimes challenging with a treatment cream.

The thin and soft patches are almost imperceptible on the skin. They stick to the skin by themselves and stay firmly in place, feel comfortable and most of them are also resistant to water and sweat.

However, both work for the most part in the same way, and whether the patch or spot cream is a better option depends entirely on your own preference.


How to use the pimple patch?

Always check each product's own instructions on the packaging. However, in general, the use of spot patches is of the following type, the effect times in particular can vary between products:

  1. Always use the patch on clean and dry skin. If you have already done your skin care routine, you can wipe the pimple clean with e.g. a damp cotton swab.
  2. Once the area is dry, you can add a patch. Take the patch out of the package with clean fingers, avoid touching the adhesive surface, and place it directly on the pimple. Press firmly for a short time, usually about 2-3 seconds, so that the patch adheres properly.
  3. Leave on overnight or up to 12 hours. If the pimple is so-called ripe or you have squeezed it, the plaster placed on top will absorb the liquid in the pimple, causing it to turn white. If you put the patch on a pimple that is still actively inflamed or deep in the skin, the patch will reduce swelling and help the pimple heal faster.
  4. You can also use pimple patches during the day, as they usually blend in well with your skin tone and you can also apply make-up over them. The fun different shaped patches also work without covering up as part of the day's look! Test e.g. the cloud shaped [Common Clouds] Cloud Pimple Patch. You can find tips for successfully applying make-up over the patch below.


Applying makeup over pimple patch

If you want to apply foundation or concealer seamlessly over a pimple patch, try the following tips:

  • Especially avoid oil-containing serums and other skin care products in the area of ​​the patch, as they prevent it from staying properly.
  • Thin and transparent patches, such as [Cosrx] Acne Pimple Master Patch, are best suited under make-up
  • Do not try to cover the patch under a heavy layer of foundation or concealer, this will usually only make the patch stand out more. Apply a light layer of base makeup over the patch and apply it carefully.
  • Add a light layer of setting or loose powder to the area of ​​the patch as well

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