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[Goodal] Apple AHA Clearing Cleansing Foam

[Goodal] Apple AHA Clearing Cleansing Foam

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Apple AHA Clearing Cleansing Foam is an cleansing foam that effectively cleanses and slightly exfoliates the skin and contains antioxidant-containing apple extract.

Apple extract and its AHA acids (0.14%) exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Regular but at the same time gentle exfoliation ensures that no accumulations of dead skin cells and sebum can form on the skin and thus the biggest inflammations and impurities.

AHA acid exfoliates and brightens the skin

Coco-Glucoside strengthens the skin's protective wall

Recommended for: oily and normal skin if you like effective cleansing and soft lather

Scent: fresh apple scent

Size: 150ml

Usage: Take a small swab of cleansing foam on the palms and add water while frothing. Apply the foam on the face in a gentle rotating motion. Avoid the area around the eyes. Rinse off with warm water after visiting all areas of the face with makeup (not eyes) and impurities.